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We provide effective, sophisticated, and proven solutions for invoicing and e-billing.

Terminal illness may prevent you from deciding the best care. We devise living wills that allow you to make those decisions now so loved ones know the care you get is what you want.

People with certain assets risk losing them to creditors and taxes. We draft wills and trusts that protect assets now and help you provide financial security to loved ones later.

A revocable trust offers many benefits to the beneficiaries and allows you to control what happens to your assets. We help draft and fund revocable trusts to meet your specific needs.

You won’t always be able to care for a special needs child or family member. We help you draft a special needs trust to make sure they will continue to get the care they deserve.

When you accrue wealth, you want to protect those assets from lawsuits, claims, and liabilities. We help create an asset protection plan best for your assets, you, and your family.

Estate planning allows you to protect your assets against taxes and probate. We will review your estate and advise you on a plan that secures optimal benefits now and in the future.

You may not always be able to make the best financial or health decisions, but a power of attorney empowers you to allow another person. We help you find the right power of attorney.

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Category: Estate Planning

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